Lake County Auditor’s Office resumes field work

Lake County Auditor Christopher Galloway recently announced that his office will be resuming field work that was previously postponed due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. “I made the decision in March to pull our team from the field out of an abundance of caution for their health and that of the public,” Galloway said. “Working in busy public places like gas stations … Read More

Lake County Auditor’s Office returns $800K to local communities

“After a careful review of expenditures and careful planning for the next three years, I believe we have more than enough budgeted to be able to handle our statutorily required duties,” Galloway said. “As such, I am pleased to announce that we will be returning funds to local governments and school districts throughout Lake County. Read more – The News-Herald

How much are you paying in gas taxes? New stickers at pump will tell you

New stickers listing itemized taxes included in the price of a gallon of fuel will soon be placed on most gas pumps in Lake County, Auditor Christopher A. Galloway recently announced. “Beginning in April our Weights and Measures staff will be affixing the stickers to gas pumps as they perform their annual testing and sealing of gas pumps,” he said. Read more … Read More

Fraud alert: Lake County Auditor warns dog owners of licensing scam

“I urge all residents to always be careful when conducting business online,” he said. “As an example, this fraudulent site claims to deliver your license by email. Any dog owner knows you need a physical, metal license — how can that be delivered by email? People can avoid fraud like this by stopping and using common sense.” Read more – … Read More